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Construction Manager
Rexford Industrial
10,000 Square Feet

Project Description

The fabled independent record company, Peer Music, has an eighty year history of producing diverse musical offerings from around the globe. Since its early history, the company has worked with an extensive group of renowned artists, including Louis Armstrong, Edith Piaf, and Tito Puente, Buddy Holly, and The Rolling Stones. With 32 offices in 28 countries, the group prides itself on promoting artists from a wide array of cultural backgrounds and musical styles, and their enterprising approach to digital platforms has placed them at the forefront of the independent label scene.

Howard Building Corporation worked with designers at Gensler to build Peer Music's 10,000 square foot space in Los Angeles. Representative of the unique culture of the company, the space features sculptural walls with geometric pass-through openings, triangular glass fronted offices, passageways that reveal spaces just around the corner or tucked into nooks along the way. The framed structures that define the office and meeting spaces reside in a larger, open warehouse with exposed and acoustically baffled ceilings, exposed air ducts, and a polished and stained concrete floor. Within offices, closed lid ceilings contain acoustic tile and recessed lighting, while other spaces are left open to the exposed warehouse ceiling above and are lit by feature pendant light fixtures. Large wall graphics are framed visually by architecturally sculpted walls, and pops of color punctuate different areas within the clean, white environment.