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Radiology Partners

El Segundo
Radiology Partners
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Project Description

Starting with a 60,000 square foot space consisting of merely a structural skeleton, it seemed fitting to bring the space to life for one of the leading radiology practices, Radiology Partners. Raw concrete flooring and 24-foot high ceilings offer endless possibilities, and the result is an intricately woven network of functional space that anticipates the anchor tenant’s future growth while catering to their current workforce. Executive meeting rooms, seating nooks, and bleacher-style stadium seating provides multiple settings for collaboration, whereas focus rooms, private offices, and tightly-controlled sound acoustics offer privacy when needed. A large training room is equipped with a state-of-the-art sliding wall system that allows for fully customizable room configurations. By opening the partitions up to the adjacent café, the room doubles in size. The nearby mezzanine provides square footage for additional seating and event space. Natural light cascades through large skylights in the ceiling, which, combined with expansive windows, provides a viable solution to workplace wellness and energy saving measures. A private outdoor patio further encourages employees to prioritize workplace wellbeing. X-ray imagery, in the form of color palettes, wall graphics, and light installations, reinforce permanence and stability in a space designed to grow alongside the anchor tenant.