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Construction Manager
Irvine Company
67,000 Square Feet

Project Description

Classified as a high-end tenant improvement in a standalone building, this 67,000 square foot, four-floor build-out for a semiconductor company reinvigorates the space with new design elements. On the first floor, the reception and lobby areas are packed with varying colors and textures, from glass, wood, and fabric walls to hard lid ceiling finishes. Full-height, bullet-resistant glass doors and tile floors lead to an elegant elevator lobby. Hidden in plain sight on the first floor, a large multipurpose room can be enclosed by operable partitions, alongside exterior storefront doors that match the building exterior. Various sizes of multipurpose rooms and private offices offer customized versatility, while adjacent rooms, such as a video production room and file room cater precisely to the client’s specific needs. The executive suite resides on the fourth floor and features a safe room with bullet-resistant boards, drywall, and doors. A mixture of tape-in, linear, and pendant lighting packages are woven into the layout of every floor. The aesthetic throughout mixes wood and glass elements, along with back-painted glass, millwork, and fabric panels for a streamlined and coherent design.