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St. Boniface Catholic Church & Service Center

Anaheim, CA
St. Boniface Catholic Church
25,000 Sq.ft.
Intertia Engineers

Project Description

Restoration of a church encompassing 25,000 square feet consisting of extensive structural steel seismic upgrades along with tenant improvements in the main Nave and Sanctuary, confessionals, offices and restrooms.  All of the columns and connections where replaced throughout the space which included horizontal beams and footings that were vital in the seismic reinforcing.  The 4-story bell tower was also seismically upgraded.   New structural additions were positioned on both the upper and lower roofs featuring WT steel on top of the existing beams and metal decking platforms to support an HVAC system.  In addition, separate food dispensary and rectory structures were refurbished with new shear walls and paneling, siding repairs, and wall finishes.  The entire space was completely revamped with an all new paint scheme, plaster soffits and moldings, re-polished brass elements, and Terrazzo tile floors that were cleaned and resealed.  Other décor and cosmetic improvements included the restoration of statues, stained glass windows, mosaic mural panels, and millwork elements, as well as the addition of LED lighting fixtures, re-finishing of all interior and exterior doors, and installation of new pews and upgraded chandeliers.