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Healthcare on the Rise at HBC


Our healthcare teams have seen recent upticks in activity due to the expansion of medical office building (MOB) construction throughout the Southern California region as a result of the Affordable Care Act, and our client list is quickly growing to include many of the major healthcare organizations in the region.  HBC’s expertise in the healthcare sector, however, extends back for more than a decade, with clients including Quest Diagnostics, Bio-Rad Laboratories, West Coast University, and Conifer Health Solutions.  Our success with healthcare construction is rooted in our dedicated healthcare teams’ vast knowledge base and years of experience, as well as their diverse capabilities to build complex healthcare environments and the highest quality medical office spaces.

Recent Project Highlights

Hoag Health Center (Sand Canyon)

Most recently, HBC completed this large-scale tenant improvement project spanning 50,000 sf across two buildings that consisted primarily of physician offices and shared common areas. However, each office was uniquely designed to serve a broad spectrum of patients including cardiology, neurology, urology, OB/GYN, and internal medicine.  The space was built to OSHPD 3 standards and included an exterior tank farm for a three chamber Wound Healing Center as well as a Blood Draw Lab.

Hoag Hospital

HBC has teamed with Hoag Hospital to build a series of MOB spaces that include outpatient and urgent care services at their Woodbridge and 500 Superior locations.  Both facilities were completely redesigned with upgraded service features, and both have been retrofitted under the new Title 24 Code requirements.  The 25,000 sf Woodbridge facility offers Urgent Care, Pediatric, Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation services with 28 exam rooms and 2 procedure rooms available on site.  The 500 Superior projects have focused largely on an extension of Hoag’s already robust Women’s Health services.  New leasable medical office suites were built to accommodate numerous service providers related specifically to women’s health needs.  When the entire space is complete, it will incorporate 35,000 sf of medical suites, a Women’s Hub, retail and Obstetrics Education facilities.


Converting corporate office space to medical office space has become one of the primary options for healthcare organizations developing MOBs.  For HCP (previously United Healthcare Partners and now a subsidiary of DaVita Healthcare), converting a 30,000 sf corporate office building located in Long Beach to accommodate a women’s health and general practice group proved very successful.  The conversion allowed for OB-GYN, Dermatology and General Practice physicians to share a total of 40 exam rooms, as well as a Radiology Department.  The building required new mechanical, plumbing and electrical services, as well as Title 24 upgrades, and Radiology required specific structural and safety features, but generally, the build out to accommodate the medical environment was relatively simple and straightforward.  Having an architect experienced in the needed planning and HBC’s experience in both tenant improvement and medical construction assured the success of the process.

City of Hope

City of Hope has committed to providing cancer care in convenient locations for surrounding communities, and its Rancho Cucamonga location provides Hematology, Medical Oncology, Outpatient Chemotherapy and Urgent Care services.  Occupying 12,000 sf of space on three floors, the facility is being completely redesigned to accommodate for expanded diagnostic and laboratory capabilities, as well as including new Urgent Care exam and procedure space.  HBC is assisting City of Hope in attaining licensing for the third floor of this OSHPD 3 project to allow for their expanded treatment and laboratory functions.

DaVita Healthcare and Dialysis

HBC has worked extensively with DaVita Healthcare.  We have completed 58,000 sf of administrative offices in Irvine, another 65,000 sf at two locations in El Segundo, and we are currently building their 210,000 sf headquarters in El Segundo.  All of these locations display a rich brand identity and culture that also extends to the DaVita Dialysis facilities as well.  In this time of consolidation and movement of organizations in the marketplace, having an identifiable brand and cultural context within the patient community becomes essential, and HBC has assisted DaVita in reinforcing their unique identity through the consistent build out of their administrative and operational locations. 

Healthcare on the Rise at HBC