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Warehouse Hubs and Repositioned Spaces


Industrial/Warehouse E-commerce sales have increased every year since inception. After the stay-at-home mandates were enacted due to the COVID-19 pandemic, e-commerce sales absolutely skyrocketed. In order to continue to fulfill this rising demand, big corporations have begun seeking large industrial and warehouse spaces. Whereas before, one or two large central warehouses were the standard for product fulfillment and packaging, companies are now seeking to purchase multiple flagship hubs. These distribution and fulfillment hubs are central to high-population areas.1 As a result, e-commerce companies are able to keep up with demand, decrease transit time, and save on transportation costs. Furthermore, companies can store a larger product backlog to proactively counteract potential delays due to COVID-19.2 The global pandemic is anticipated to continue to accelerate the need for more industrial spaces3. Therefore, it is important to know what differentiates industrial buildouts from other construction niches. Warehouse buildings have specific requirements for optimal production. By looking at some of HBC’s warehouse and industrial projects, we can examine these commonalities.  

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