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LABC to Recognize the Best of L.A. Architecture at their Annual Luncheon


History of LABC

Founded in 1936, the Los Angeles Business Council (LABC) is as much a part of Los Angeles as the historic Downtown buildings from the same era. From the outset, LABC has represented Los Angeles’ forward-thinking ideals by facilitating the growth of one of West Coast’s major hubs of progressive education: University of California, Los Angeles. As a non-profit, the organization successfully expanded UCLA’s presence and then broadened their reach to encompass all of Los Angeles while continuing to advocate for education, sustainability, and business.¹ 

Today, LABC is a powerful liaison between Los Angeles businesses and the city government and acts as a catalyst for positive and sustainable changes related to the environment and economy. LABC still maintains a strong foothold in the world of academia and, as a result, has developed its own branch of scholastic research called iLABC. Research from this suborganization helps fuel discussions about important issues, provide evidence-based solutions, and enact change on an institutional level.² 

Any burgeoning city is incomplete without the literal infrastructures that support it. As such, LABC has inevitably seen the Los Angeles landscape develop over the past eight decades, tracing the architectural successes and failures alongside the ever-changing city. This has resulted in LABC’s investment in top design and architecture as a means of rewarding the architectural community for providing a rich, cultural landscape to inspire business advancements. Thus, the LABC Architectural Awards Luncheon was born. LABC and the architectural community gather each year to applaud the contributions of local talent in driving a strong economy and changing the LA landscape for the better. 

LABC Architectural Awards

The Los Angeles Architectural Awards invites the best of the city’s talent to submit work designed to enhance the lives of its inhabitants while preserving precious resources. Composed of an exhibition and awards luncheon, the design community comes together to honor the work of the present and poise the community for the young leaders of the future. Last year’s awards show yielded over 275 submissions and this year’s awards show, the 49th Annual Los Angeles Architectural Awards, promises to be just as remarkable.³ 

HBC’s Impact on LA’s Landscape

This is where Howard Building Corporation (HBC) comes in. Since first opening the doors in 1983, HBC has helped shape Los Angeles by completing over 900 projects and managing over 12.7 million square feet of construction projects. As a result, HBC has extensive roots within Los Angeles’ business sector and close-knit ties among the architectural community. In 1989, HBC won their very first “Interiors” award for Epson America, Inc. Since then, they have won four more LABC Architectural Awards: Herman Miller National Design Center (2010), Smashbox Studios (2015), RedBull North America (2016), and AwesomenessTV (2018). 

As the 2019 Awards Luncheon quickly approaches, we’d like to wish everyone the best of luck. We look forward to recognizing this year’s top design and architectural contributions projects throughout Los Angeles. 


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LABC to Recognize the Best of L.A. Architecture at their Annual Luncheon