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Building as If Every Day is Earth Day


Unfortunately, the construction industry has historically been the biggest culprit of energy depletion and CO2 emissions, to the tune of globally accounting for about 36% and 39%, respectively.1 These numbers may be disheartening, but global dialogue has increased awareness and industry leaders have responded with action. By implementing green building policies, sharing data-driven information, and promoting environmentally-sustainable practices, we can all do our part to be conscious, responsible contributors within the construction industry. As the preeminent tenant improvement general contractor in Southern California, Howard Building Corporation (HBC) builds workspaces – or “second homes” – while recognizing the potential impact on our larger collective home. At HBC, we do everything in our power to positively impact the environment, and it is crucial, more than ever, that we continue to be a leader in the green building movement.  

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Building as If Every Day is Earth Day